sorry the follwing person had been rejectef because they havent posted their app. and ive waited almost a month! sorry!...but its not like ANY ONE is reading this cuz no one is joining!...ughh...


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new layout

OMG i love this new layout! liked the one i had b4 it it was lion was so cute but i love this movie too so0o..and i liked this backround...leave a comment and tell me what u think!!!...tell me if u think its retarded cuz i wont keep it then ill switch it back to lion have to watch anthony
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hey!!..sry..i havnt written in like a while.!!...only two ppl joined my community!,..PPL JOIN IT TOOK ME FOREVER!!!...thanx...once again!!its
JOIN! party was awsome..i got lots of money from it!!..yay! im loaded! e wayz i got rly nice stuff..and i still dont feel any older! tired! byes..
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well the whole of last night into this early early morning me and nikki were working on my community...but we still have to get the rulles posted up...and the application...but if u wanna join its called fallen fantasy...gotta go...
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OMG!..i sware to god all thos frekin stored in the mall hate me!!..ok i got this rly nice shirt at the mall the othr day..and guess what was still on it?..!!!a stupid ink that if you tried to take it off it wouold spray ink all over the clothes!!!im so mad cuz i wanted to wear that shirt...but im going back to the mall to get it removed!..cuz i wanna wear it on my b-day party!! starving!!...write ya later***
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yawn:: awake but im came over b4..and i was scrapbooking and she was writting down insiders from her and nikki..they have like e wayz after she left i was watching tv and then i joined tinas community l0vely! every one u better join! make a link! well im watching full house..bbl..oh and to a dork..!!..(all the time by meg)



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bored i woke up i went to my skool to get these sandles that i ordered like 50 million yrs ago..and they said that we can piuck them up untill 3 and we got there at 2 and they sai no one was basically went there for nothing!!...waste of my we went to go see an old friend who just got finished with law skool and now she is a lawyer! after that i went home and did absolutly nothing the rest of the day! is so boring here!...someone plze call me and cheer me so deppresed..and bored...n e wayz..these r the ppl coming to my far n e
Meghan sullivan, shannon quirk, jen hare and her son and bf, meagan rodrigues, nikki collins, heather wirth, my aunt randi, christina casciola, my cuzzin rachael and her fam. and the rest of my i have been saying if your not on the list and u wanna come just tell me!! go im watching a bugs ya lata!..
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survey from nikkis journal

The \\
Last Cigarette:never
Last Alcoholic Drink:lol..he he
Last Car Ride:yesterday to the mall
Last Kiss:ummm...
Last Good Cry:umm...when i watched opra...and the ladies family died..
Last Library Book:TTYL
Last book bought:idn
Last Book Read:TTYL
Last Movie Seen in Theaters:a cinderella story
Last Movie Rented:thirteen
Last Cuss Word Uttered:shIT
Last Beverage Drank:diet pepsi
Last Food Consumed:toast
Last Crush:dan
Last Phone Call:rachael (my cuzzin)
Last TV Show Watched:full house
Last Time Showered:this morning
Last Shoes Worn:my new avio sneakers
Last CD Played:my mix
Last Item Bought:purse
Last Download:screen saver
Last Annoyance:ppl
Last Disappointment:not going in to G&
Last Soda Drank:diet pepsi
Last Thing Written:rachael's #
Last Key Used:#
Last Words Spoken:burp!!
Last Sleep:last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten:vanilla
Last Chair Sat In:this one
Last Webpage Visited:this one

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